• Space

    Antigravity, warp-drives, and breakthrough propulsion physics to power mankind's dream of reaching the stars.

  • Energy

    Advances in fusion and zero-point energy research and novel ways to produce and harness energy.

  • Beyond

    Innovations beyond science including the Hutchison Effect, Nazi Bell, crystal energy, psychic powers, and more.

American Antigravity

The Journal of Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Since 2002


Leading research by scientists and innovators to achieve mankind’s dream of reaching the stars, including antigravity, warp-drives, inertial propulsion, aerospace technology and more.

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Breakthrough energy solutions to power our future with fusion energy, zero-point energy, new engine technologies, green energy, and other novel methods to produce and harness energy.

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Creative innovations beyond science from independent thinkers across our society, including the Hutchison Effect, Nazi Bell Project, crystal energy, UFO’s, time-travel, and more.

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