Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity

We're joined by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov to discuss recent (2004 to 2013) experimental antigravity research in gravity modification and superconductors. For nearly two decades...

Time Travel

Philadelphia Experiment


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Bill Alek on SkyWATCH and SmartWATCH

Bill Alek describes the UFO SkyWATCH project, involving outdoor UFO-spotting tours in the Phoenix area using 3rd-generation Starlight night-vision equipment, and describes his new...

Ron Milione on the Philadelphia Experiment

Dr. Ron Milione discusses a replication of the Philadelphia Experiment that he hopes will validate the original goal of the Philadelphia Experiment as described by...

Fred Robinson’s Hydrogen Hummer 2

Fred Robinson of the Electrifying Times discusses the Hummer 2 he converted to run on 5 different types of alternative fuels, including Hydrogen as...

Robert Patterson’s Electrogravitic Implosion System

Robert Patterson describes an experimental electrogravitic implosion propulsion device that he claims will generate propulsive force & overunity energy as an "electromagnetic supercharger" for...
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Stirling-Cycle Engine Generators

Sunpower unveils the Microgen Combined Heat and Power (microCHP) system, an innovative electrical co-generation unit scheduled to hit the European consumer market through British...


Gordon Novel on Antigravity

Gordon Novel joins us in a more casual interview to discuss the origins of his interest in Antigravity and Breakthrough Propulsion Physics, as well...

Paul Murad’s Searl Effect Generator

Paul Murad joins us to discuss a variant of the Searl Effect Generator that generates a 7% decrease in weight in steady-state rotation with...

Tim Ventura on Antigravity

American Antigravity founder Tim Ventura discusses popular topics in antigravity, including the Searl Effect, Biefeld-Brown, Lifters, and other threads of antigravity physics research. He...

Richard Gauthier on Superluminal Particle Physics

Dr. Richard Gauthier describes a new physical model incorporating the notion of superluminal motion as an explanation for the "zitterbewegung" or "jitter" in the...

Lifter Flight-Test Compilation Footage

This footage is some of the hundreds of video tests we shot of antigravity "Lifters" being tested by Tim Ventura & American Antigravity during...

Fusion Energy


Raph Suddath on Water Memory

Ralph Suddath discusses water memory and how he uses resonant frequencies of sound and electromagnetism to affect water memory to eliminate water memory of...

The Hutchison Effect: Remastered Hutchison Effect Footage

Spontaneously melting metals. Objects flying around haphazardly. Strange glows manifesting in the air, and suddenly disappearing. This is the Hutchison Effect, digitally remastered. The Hutchison...

The Conference Hall at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment

This clip tries to portray what group meetings are like in the main conference hall at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. The RSE staff...

Byington Sims Tesla “Zapper”

Inventor Byington Sims demonstrates a tesla "zapper" for Gary Voss at TeslaTech 2005. Sims claims an array of health benefits since he started using...


Mark Goldes on Ultraconductors

It's been predicted that the development of the Room-Temperature Superconductor, or Ultraconductors, will initiate a second industrial revolution. We've asked Mark Goldes, the CEO &...