Franklin Felber on Antigravity

Dr. Franklin Felber describes with a new solution for Einstein's General Relativity that predicts an acceleration effect created by the approach of a rapidly-moving...

Time Travel

Philadelphia Experiment


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Marko Rodin on Vortex Mathematics

Marko Rodin. the inventor of vortex mathematics, describes his two presentations at the TeslaTech 2012 Conference. He briefly discusses the applications of a colleague's...

Paul Pantone on the GEET Engine

Paul Pantone describes GEET Engine technology. Filmed in 2005.

Robert Baker’s Open-Cavity HFGW Gravitational Wave Detector

Dr. Robert Baker, Jr. proposes a new design for an open cavity High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detector in the GHz band, which consists of a...

Ed McCullough on Lunar Colonization

Space and nuclear engineer Ed McCollough joins us to discuss lunar & space colonization. Ed is an Associate Fellow at the American Institute for...
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Konstantin Meyl on Scalar Technology

Dr. Konstantin Meyl discusses scalar wave technologies with Tim Renfro at TeslaTech 2012. Renfro cites the work of Tom Bearden with questions about how...


Fran DeAquino’s ELF Gravitational Shield

It should have been an open and shut case. System-H had at one time promised to be potentially the biggest breakthrough in history --...

Larry Maurer on MagLev

We're joined by Unitel Aerospace CEO Larry Maurer, who discusses a new project aimed at providing an environmentally-friendly transportation solution by modifying Unitel's patented...

Pharis Williams on Gravity Control & Clean Fusion

Professor Pharis Williams explores gravity-control, scalar-mechanics, and a novel form of fusion generator capable of revolutionizing micro-nuclear power-generation. Ever wish that you had your...

Richard Gauthier on Superluminal Particle Physics

Dr. Richard Gauthier describes a new physical model incorporating the notion of superluminal motion as an explanation for the "zitterbewegung" or "jitter" in the...

Paul Moller on Flying Cars

Flying Cars! When can I buy one? Back in the 50's they were sure we'd all have flying cars by 2000. In the 60's...

Fusion Energy


The Hutchison Effect: Technical Interview with John Hutchison

How does the Hutchison Effect work? Gary Stephenson explores the equipment & technologies used by John in creating the Hutchison Effect during this in-depth...

Gary Voss on The Ranch Project

Gary Voss and Bill Alek discuss "The Ranch" - a project to create a sustainable community that would also serve as an incubator for...

Ted Loder on the Disclosure Project & SEAS Power

Dr. Ted Loder discusses The Disclosure Project and SEAS-Power. Loder retired in May 2005 as a Professor at the University of New Hampshire, Department...

Mark Hugo on Global Warming

Nuclear engineer Mark Hugo describes flaws in the accepted scientific model for global warming that result from shortcomings in the original calculations for the...


Mark Goldes Discusses Room Temperature Superconductors

Room-Temperature Superconductors? Mark Goldes joins us as the founder & CEO of Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc.-- the world's first manufacturer of polymer-based room-temperature superconducting materials....