Top Gravity and Antigravity Concepts

Think that you know about gravity? Think again – research into gravitational engineering is moving rapidly ahead on a number of fronts and breakthroughs...

Time Travel

Philadelphia Experiment


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David Sereda: Antigravity, UFOs & the Searl Effect

David Sereda describes antigravity based on rotating magnetic fields and particle spin based on his research, and demonstrates the acceleration of magnetic field elements...

Pharis Williams on Gravity Control & Clean Fusion

Professor Pharis Williams explores gravity-control, scalar-mechanics, and a novel form of fusion generator capable of revolutionizing micro-nuclear power-generation. Ever wish that you had your...

Eugene Podkletnov’s Gravity Impulse Generator

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov discusses an experimental gravity impulse generator claimed to produce beams of gravitational force capable of warping metals and punching holes through...

Konstantin Meyl on Scalar Waves

Dr. Konstantin Meyl describes his attendance of the joint TeslaTech/NPA event and presentations that he's delivering at both events on his work in scalar...
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Ruggero Santilli on Fusion and Nucleosynthesis

Physicist Dr. Ruggero Santilli joins us to discuss Neutron Synthesis in the lab - a validation of Rutherford's model of the Neutron as a...



Space Nuclear RTG Generator

A Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) is a display model by Lockheed Martin at the STAIF Conference. This model device was employed on a number...

Paul Czysz on Hypersonic Aircraft

The name Aurora invokes awe in the aerospace industry. It's a Mach-6 hypersonic aircraft that nobody's sure exists. The technology for it was developed...

Robert Baker’s Open-Cavity HFGW Gravitational Wave Detector

Dr. Robert Baker, Jr. proposes a new design for an open cavity High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detector in the GHz band, which consists of a...

Ben Bova on Space

A discussion with legendary science-fiction author Ben Bova on the subject of breakthrough space technology, and learn more about his perspectives on AG, space,...

Tom Valone on Electrogravitic Propulsion

Tom Valone describes his book, "Electrogravitics II", and how new research lends credibility to electrogravitic propulsion and electrokinetics.

Fusion Energy


Mike Waters on Social Responsibility

Mike Waters discusses competitive cooperation, social responsibility, the failures of social Darwinism and describes how humanity must evolve cooperatively in order to survive in...

Secrets of the Ramtha School

If you ever get the chance to visit the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, I'd highly recommend it. I'm not saying that as a student,...

Oliver Williams on Time Travel

Appearing in the media like an apparition, the mysterious newsgroup poster “John Titor” told a story of time-travel from a post-nuclear future that captivated...

Gary Voss on Infrared UFO Spotting

TAPTEN founder Gary Voss discusses the 2004 Mexican Air-Force UFO case and the implications of invisible UFO's. He suggests that Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) technology...


Mark Goldes on Room Temperature Superconductors

Mark Goldes is the founder and CEO of Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc., which has invested several million dollars in developing a process to produce...