Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope

Nuclear engineer Mark Hugo explains the Rife Microscope, and describes how the Rife Microscope can resolve proteins within the virus despite being above the Abby limit for microscope resolution.Hugo...

Shelley Thomson on Remote Viewing, UFOs and Aliens

Shelley Thomson has decades of experience in coordinate remote viewing, and joins us to discuss ufos, alien civilizations, and man's place in the universe based on what she's learned...

David Sereda Explains Crystal Energy, Chakras & Auras

David Sereda applies solid-state physics research to explain crystal energy and describes how crystal energy interacts with chakras in the body and nervous system.David Sereda lives in Sedona -...

John Milewski on Ormus

Dr. John Milewski provides a detailed description of Ormus, which he claims to be a collapsed atomic state in 13 precious metal elements including gold. Atoms that collapse into...

David Tam on the Native American Flute

David Tam demonstrates the haunting melodies of the Native American Flute after-hours in the outdoor pavilion at the Marriot Pyramid North in Albuquerque. Tam's proficiency with the flute came...

Aeron Goldheart on Tesla Energy Lights

Aeron Goldheart demonstrates Tesla Energy Lights, a "personal energy management system" designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one's subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.

Mitch Feinstein’s Crystal Energy Healing Device

Mitch Feinstein demonstrates a crystal energy resonator designed by IBM researcher Marcel Vogel to clear chakras and restore spiritual energy. He indicates that Vogel was unable to build the...

Clayton Nolte on Natural Action Water

Clayton Nolte describes Natural Action Water, a form of structured water that he claims is created by a device he created to split a stream of water into two...

Bill Alek on SkyWATCH and SmartWATCH

Bill Alek describes the UFO SkyWATCH project, involving outdoor UFO-spotting tours in the Phoenix area using 3rd-generation Starlight night-vision equipment, and describes his new SmartWATCH system, a gravitational anomaly...

Warren York’s Time Travel Anomaly

Warren York and Mike Windell perform a vacuum-tube experiment in which the filament breaks, producing strange harmonics and a time-travel effect during testing. Unaware of any change in the...

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