Mitch Feinstein’s Crystal Energy Healing Device

Mitch Feinstein demonstrates a crystal energy resonator designed by IBM researcher Marcel Vogel to clear chakras and restore spiritual energy. He indicates that Vogel was unable to build the...

Mike Windell’s Plasma-Beam Experiments

In 1990 Mike Windell and Warren York began experimenting with modulating resonant plasma beams, and soon discovered that by placing a target in or near the beam they could...

Crystal Energy Pendants by David Sereda

David Sereda demonstrates crystal energy pendants derived from his research into solid-state physics, sacred geometries, and resonant & ambient fields. His firm, Light Stream Technologies, has taken this research...

David Sereda Explains Crystal Energy, Chakras & Auras

David Sereda applies solid-state physics research to explain crystal energy and describes how crystal energy interacts with chakras in the body and nervous system. David Sereda lives in Sedona -...

Mike Windell on Cold-Plasma & Crystal Energy

Mike Windell joins us to talk about a series of cold-plasma beam experiments that he performed with Warren York that led to both time travel & materials-effects anomalies similar...

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Lifter Flight-Test Compilation Footage

This footage is some of the hundreds of video tests we shot of antigravity "Lifters" being tested by Tim Ventura & American Antigravity during...

Bruce Maccabee on UFO’s

We’re joined today by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly with the U.S. Navy, and a leading ufologist. Bruce has been a ufologist...

Greg Henderson on the Hendo Hoverboard

We’re joined by Greg Henderson, the co-founder of Arx Pax – the company developing the Hendo Hoverboard. What his firm has achieved is a...