Einstein’s Antigravity

Laser-physicist John Dering provides insights that support a hypothesis that the Nazi-Bell and the Philadelphia Experiment both share a common physical basis in Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory. While...

Al Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment

Al Bielek claims to have been at the center of the Philadelphia Experiment, one of the most controversial conspiracy theories of the 20th century. Did the United States Navy...

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Lifter Flight-Test Compilation Footage

This footage is some of the hundreds of video tests we shot of antigravity "Lifters" being tested by Tim Ventura & American Antigravity during...

Bruce Maccabee on UFO’s

We’re joined today by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly with the U.S. Navy, and a leading ufologist. Bruce has been a ufologist...

Greg Henderson on the Hendo Hoverboard

We’re joined by Greg Henderson, the co-founder of Arx Pax – the company developing the Hendo Hoverboard. What his firm has achieved is a...