Dr. Fabrizio Pinto describes his vision for a new type of propulsion system based on dispersion force engineering in curved spacetime, as well as his role as the CEO of Interstellar Technologies Corporation and the company’s research into quantum vacuum engineering and nanotechnology.

Interstellar Technologies Corporation is dedicated to commercializing the field of Quantum Vacuum Engineering with applications for space propulsion, superfast nanotech actuation, and medical applications in targeted nanosurgery.

“In the last few years, we have applied for a number of patents in the area of revolutionary means of energy production. This means measurable progress in the quest for fuel-free, by-product free energy, including much more efficient approaches to traditional technologies, such as solar energy, and power beaming. We are also currently working on revolutionary means of fuel-free propulsion. Needless to say, significant progress in both of these areas will have dramatic consequences in the aerospace industry, among others.”

“Please, let us show you how we are pushing the frontiers of energy, advanced propulsion, and nanosurgery technology, among others, by exploiting the quantum vacuum. I hope that our presentation will stimulate and fascinate you as we explore the greatest adventure of our civilization.” – Dr. Fabrizio Pinto