It should have been an open and shut case. System-H had at one time promised to be potentially the biggest breakthrough in history — a gravitational shield capable of lifting hundreds of pounds of weight using little more power than a common household appliance. However, after 3 years, several research papers, and experimental claims that couldn’t be verified, the Internet community was beginning to doubt that De Aquino had even conducted the experiment…..and De Aquino himself was nowhere to be found. Welcome to the story of System-H — a tale of government cover-ups and the mystery of an experiment that remains unresolved to this day…

Fran De Aquino, a professor of physics at Maranhao State University in Brazil, first became known the Antigravity community on the Internet when he proposed in 1999 that under certain conditions Extra-Low Frequency (ELF) electrical waves can be utilized to create a gravitational shield. After nearly 3 years and several subsequent experimental designs, he published claims in 2001 that he had succeeded in generating nearly 220 pounds of lift with his newest device, dubbed “System-H”. While De Aquino’s theory is unique to the world of physics, the basis for his work is actually rooted in research from 1986 by two scientists from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

De Aquino took their theory and generalized it – while “Aristotle was Right” only covered thermal radiation, De Aquino postulated that this theory would also apply to the larger-case example of any type of absorbed radiation that by the mass. De Aquino also showed that the effect of absorbed energy caused a decrease in mass, which is important because it means that if any object absorbs radiation it loses gravitational mass – in other words, it weighs less.

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