Enterprise Mission

Founded in 1996 by Richard C. Hoagland, the Enterprise Mission continues a 40-year legacy of inquiry into reported anomalies throughout the solar system that may indicate the presence of life before our time. Hoagland, the former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, is best known for his research on Cydonia, which is described in his book “The Monuments of Mars”.

The Enterprise Mission explores man’s place in the universe, and continues a tradition of asking “what if” started by science fiction authors like Hoagland’s friend and mentor, Arthur C. Clarke. Hoagland also seeks to democratize space, but presenting it in a captivating format that engages non-scientific audiences with the possibility that anomalies on Earth and throughout the Solar System may be indicators of a lost heritage from an earlier time.

For over 20 years, the material presented on the Enterprise Mission has been featured on the late-night Radio Show “Coast to Coast AM”, and has helped to shape audience expectations for late-night programming. Over the course of the website’s existence, it has covered nearly every major event in the space industry, in support of both show programming and to help inform the audience about space and cosmology.

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