Pure Energy Systems

Founded by Sterling D. Allan, the Pure Energy Systems Network is a news, directory and networking service to identify extreme cutting-edge, clean energy technologies capable of making it to market and making a large impact, and to facilitate their progress by helping to plug them into whatever resources they need to move forward, thereby promoting a sustainable future, inviting all energy enthusiasts to participate in the effort.

PESN is well respected within the field as an authority on alternative energy by a loyal base of online visitors and contributors. The PES network of sites are a “watering hole” for people interested in advancing technologies that will move us away from dependence on fossil fuels, and toward cleaner, greener, more affordable, reliable, and safe energy solutions.

PES was founded in November of 2003 with the objective of open-sourcing alternative energy technologies. In addition to covering conventional renewable modalities that tap into inexhaustible energy reservoirs such as such as solar, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal; PESN focuses on exotic ‘free energy’ modalities such as cold fusion, zero point energy, radiant energy, water as fuel, and magnet motors. They also address closely-related fields such as waste remediation, recycling, and water purification and derivation.

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