Founded by Steve Elswick, the TeslaTech Extraordinary Technology Conference is the world’s largest conference for free & zero-point energy, renewable energy, water-memory, magnet motors, health supplements, and other innovative & suppressed technologies. Held annually, the conference draws hundreds of attendees from all over the world seeking to learn more about technologies they’ve read about in TeslaTech’s “Extraordinary Technologies” magazine.

In addition to the conference and print magazine, TeslaTech maintains a store containing hundreds of rare and out-of-print books & DVD’s on Nikola Tesla, emerging energy technologies, lost and suppressed technology, and a variety of other topics sought after by scientists, engineers, and tinkerers around the world.

TeslaTech grew out of the International Tesla Symposium held in 1984, and over time became a regular event that attracted inventors seeking an open community forum to demonstrate working devices to other inventors. Thus, the annual conference features not only a regular collection of well-known innovators from the alternative-science community, but also a growing collection of demonstration booths, providing demonstrations, documentation, and product samples for dozens of innovative new technologies.

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