Bill Alek on SkyWATCH and SmartWATCH

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September 24th, 2012 Posted by AAG Filed in: Beyond

Bill Alek describes the UFO SkyWATCH project, involving outdoor UFO-spotting tours in the Phoenix area using 3rd-generation Starlight night-vision equipment, and describes his new SmartWATCH system, a gravitational anomaly detector that replaces the older accutron measurement systems he’s developed.

The Accutron system works by measuring the change in frequency of an electrically driven tuning fork to detect slight anomalies that may occur in the vicinity of slight alterations of the Earth’s gravitational field. Alek developed the apparatus after visiting the “Gravitational Mystery Spot” in California, in which the gravitational pull of the Earth deviates slightly from normal as a result of dense deposits of metal underground.