Hurricane Katrina – A Soldier’s Story

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September 24th, 2012 Posted by AAG Filed in: Beyond

Get the inside story on the 82nd Airborne’s “New Orleans Rescue Operation”, featuring late-nights guarding the superdome, foot-patrols in burned-out suburban neighborhoods, urban-terror sniper-stakeouts, crooked cops looting abandoned stores, gang-bangers impersonating police to loot ammo, and the details that the media didn’t seem to cover…

Our first view of Louisiana was from the flight in. Our jet banked to come into a landing pattern and showed us the ground below for the first time. Although the trees were still standing, many had lost their leaves and branches. The ground looked saturated with water and in places you could see rivers that had once been roads. There were huge expanses of mud, so large that I swore you could smell the muck from 1,000 feet up. Still, the damage we had heard about wasn’t top present itself from the air. That awaited us in the city itself.

Although eager to get to work, A troop had to spend an additional night at the New Orleans Airport. The hired drivers had been working all day and were too tired to make an additional trip into the city to let us out, so 800 men bedded down on the concrete floor of an aircraft hanger knowing full well that another unit from the 82nd was already patrolling. No one wanted to miss out on the action…

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