Pharis Williams on Gravity Control & Clean Fusion

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Professor Pharis Williams explores gravity-control, scalar-mechanics, and a novel form of fusion generator capable of revolutionizing micro-nuclear power-generation. Ever wish that you had your own personal fusion reactor? Williams’ proposes a novel type of aneutronic fusion, making it safe, clean, and potentially a revolutionary way for a device the size of an exterior AC-unit to power your house for centuries to come. Sound too good to be true? Williams was approached after speaking by Sandia National Labs, so don’t give up hope just quite yet…

“Space travel needs a source of energy that is as compact as possible. Fusion energy may allow for this compactness if the temperature required for initiating the fusion reaction could be reduced and radioactive radiation could be avoided. The objective of this paper is to present a derivation of a non-singular electrostatic potential that leads to the prediction of a lower temperature fusion of two deuterium nuclei preferentially to a helium nucleus thereby avoiding all radioactive radiation.” – Prof. Pharis E. Williams