An Introduction to Lifters

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Readers of the Electric-Spacecraft Journal might know a little about the Lifter technology popularized recently by Jean-Louis Naudin, but they probably don’t know the whole story. In the short amount of time that has transpired since the publication of that article, this technology has both literally and figuratively taken off – going from a “proof-of-concept” prototype by Naudin to an international group of researchers investigating how to give the lifter higher-performance and greater efficiency. With the first commercial products now on the horizon, if you haven’t taken the time to read up on lifter technology, this is the perfect time to do so.

To give you a complete up-to-date overview of where this technology is, where it is going, and what I think it is capable of, let me start with the basics – an overview of how I became involved with Electrogravity research and what eventually led me to become involved with lifter technology. I can say without a doubt that the lifter technology is completely revolutionary, but you might not realize how profoundly revolutionary it is until you’ve stopped to think about it for a bit. What is it about the lifter that makes it so unique, especially when so many inventions claim to produce more and better electromagnetic thrust? The answer is simple – the lifter works repeatedly…

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