Bill Alek on the Gravitational Mystery Spot

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September 22nd, 2012 Posted by AAG Filed in: Space

The Earth’s gravitational field is inhomogenous, meaning that irregularities & anomalies exist on a small scale changing the direction of “down”. Bill Alek has investigated these anomalies, and joins us to talk about gravitational mystery spots, including his measurements of these anomalies using a custom Accutron system. He also discusses a number of the other innovative electronic devices that he’s developed for new physics based on his career expertise as an electronics engineer.

Alek discusses his custom Accutron system, which is designed to measure very slight Einsteinian curvatures in local space through time-distortion from heavy masses. He’s taken the Accutron to the ‘Gravitational Mystery Spot’ in Santa Cruz, California, and reports back with the first real examination of anomalies in the area, possibly caused by dense, buried ore from an ancient meteorite.