James P. Hogan on Space Futurism

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September 24th, 2012 Posted by AAG Filed in: Space

Author James P. Hogan has written a number of science-fiction novels, but the one that most captivated me was the 1977 classic “Inherit the Stars”. The novel begins with the discovery of a 50,000 year old man’s body on the moon, and the subsequent investigation into this unprecedented event leads to world-changing revelations about man’s place in the cosmos. Although the book was framed as a piece of fiction, it raises several excellent questions about science, and who subtle pieces of scientific evidence can shape and reshape what we believe to be fundamental truths. For example, in the book the belief that man evolved on Earth is irrevocably shattered by the investigation into the frozen body — named “Charlie” in the novel by the investigators. Despite the many pieces of supporting evidence that lead us to believe on a day to day basis that we originated here on Earth, the fictional discovery reshapes that evidence into a larger hypothesis that includes the new evidence.

I called James P. Hogan on a Friday morning, while he was in the USA on business. He was in a hotel room in Florida, and I was lucky to catch him when – he was due to return to his residence in Ireland on Monday and was on a tight schedule. Needless to say, I was grateful for any time that he could give me on the phone to discuss science and technology, and our brief conversation ended up being a one and a half-hour discussion on a wide variety of topics from particle physics and antigravity research to artificial intelligence…

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