Leonard David on Space.com and BPP

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September 24th, 2012 Posted by AAG Filed in: Space

Space.com writer Leonard David provides a journalist’s perspective on Breakthrough Propulsion Physics and the media. He speaks about NASA’s renewed vision for manned spaceflight, cutbacks in nuclear-space funding, and the Section-F group focusing on Breakthrough Propulsion.

On March 8th, Senior Space Writer Leonard David published his own write-up for Space.com on Section-F of the STAIF 2006 conference, which was met with mixed results by several of the BPP scientists that he interviewed. The article, entitled, “Propulsion research goes into hyperdrive”, contained a concise summary of many of the concepts presented in Section-F.

While the Space.com article maintains a steady neutrality on the actual feasibility of the concepts presented at the conference, it nonetheless seems supportive of the venue through quotes like, “STAIF has also become a respected venue for researchers that dabble in the exotic, the thought-provoking, the novel or the downright weird anomaly.”

Our interview with David provides some insight into both the continuing coverage of this event provided by Space.Com, as well as the impressions, opinions, and trends that he’s seen in the making over the last several years.