Myron Evans on Torsion Physics

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Professor Myron Evans is the winner of numerous scientific awards, including an appointment to the British Civil List Pension by none other than Queen Elizabeth II. He joins us to talk about Torsion-Physics and how this emerging branch of science relates to his ECE (Einstein-Cartan-Evans) theory…

“Whenever a major paradigm shift occurs in any area of intellectual activity, there is a phase lag, or interval of time needed to absorb the new ideas. The problems in the development of a unified field theory began in the nineteen-twenties, when Bohr and Heisenberg introduced the principle of indeterminacy, diametrically opposed to the principle of general relativity. The latter is causal and objective, the former is acausal and subjective. In the latter half of the twentieth century these problems were compounded by the meaningless complexity of string theory and by the dubious complexity of such procedures as renormalization. So the attainment of a unified field theory seemed formidably difficult. The ECE theory is in comparison much simpler and so the ECE theory is useful for engineers. One need only master differential geometry.” – Professor Myron Evans

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