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Engineering Wormholes

Physics says that faster-than-light travel is impossible, but how can mankind explore the stars without it? There is another solution: wholesale jerseys wormholes Antigravity offer an opportunity to connect distant points in space, bypassing the need for FTL propulsion. Not…

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Charles Michael Couch on Lifters

Everybody knows what Lifters are. Our Millions of people around the globe have seen them on TV and the Internet, and hundreds wholesale nfl jerseys of thousands of school-children have Antigravity built them for science fairs around the globe. Quite…

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Introducing American Antigravity

American Antigravity was founded in 2002 You by Tim Ventura as a way to share experiments with “Lifters”. These small, experimental devices generated Biefeld-Brown and Ion-Wind effects, and experimenters all over the globe were building them as a proof of…

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