Pete Bitar is the founder of Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems, and he’s got a vision. The Anderson, Indiana based non-lethal weapons startup is out to rewrite the rules of engagement for law-enforcement and the military by producing a new breed of Non-Lethal Weapons to disable an attacker at a distance without causing permanent injury. He joins us to discuss the future of non-lethal weapons and explain what makes XADS one of the hottest new non-lethal weapons developers of the 21st century.

XADS is currently developing two non-lethal weapons technologies: the Personal Defense Laser Pointer (PDLP) and the StunStrike technology. Exactly how do these non-lethal weapons work? Well, if you’ve ever accidentally glanced at a laser pointer, then the PDLP needs no explanation. Essentially this non-lethal weapon produces a blinding beam of laser light that disorients an attacker long enough for the police to move in with the handcuffs.

The PDLP functions as a temporary blinding-laser to disorient an attacker, and the StunStrike functions as a tetanizing device capable of projecting a cone-shaped area of electricity to disable attackers that’s been called a “high-voltage fire-hose”. Both devices are designed to disable without causing permanent injury, and have attracted attention from military and law-enforcement agencies interested in adding non-lethal alternatives to their existing toolsets.

The StunStrike is a more complex non-lethal weapon. If you’ve been been zapped by a high-voltage, then you know how painful it can be – but that pain doesn’t disable most attackers. What makes the StunStrike an effective non-lethal weapon is the frequency of the high-voltage used, which causes the cells in your body to dump their glucose reserves. In a sense, it’s a bit like the exhaustion you might feel after running a 10-mile marathon, but it happens nearly instantly.

Just like a Taser, the StunStrike quickly drops an attacker to the ground and they stay down for 5 or 10 minutes. That’s a highly effective non-lethal weapon, and Bitar’s team has made it more effective by coupling the proprietary voltage & frequency with a scalar antenna and circuitry like a tesla coil that lets the StunStrike function without the taser-barb or the wires.

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