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  • Space

    Click the image to view all articles on space propulsion and physics.

  • Antigravity

    All types of Antigravity and Gravity-Control systems

  • Faster Than Light Travel

    All types of Faster-than-light, warp-drive, and wormhole propulsion.

  • Inertial Propulsion

    Mach's Principle, off-center rotators, and other inertial propulsion devices.

  • Electrogravitics

    TT Brown's legacy of Lifters, Biefeld-Brown, Electrogravitics, and Ion-Wind.

  • Unified Field Theory

    String, Brane, M-Theory, Einstein's UFT, Torsion Physics, and more.

  • Superconductors

    Force-beams and gravity-shielding by Podkletnov, Ning Li, and others.

  • Aerospace

    Rockets, X-Prize, hypersonic aircraft, VTOL aircraft, and the business of space.

  • High-Frequency Gravitational Waves

    HFGW research by Dr. Bob Baker, Gary Stephenson, and others.


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