Originally entitled “Road Rage”, this article was written while I lived in Seattle, during a period of time when I was commuting daily across the crowded 520 bridge. The 15-mile drive to work sometimes took as long as 2 hours during rush-hour traffic, and it often led me to think about how Antigravity could play a role in alleviating the anger and frustration that the commute caused for people stuck in traffic.

Based on that premise, I quickly realized that not only would Antigravity technology alleviate traffic congestion, but faster commute speeds and not being tied to streets & thoroughfares would also help to alleviate urban sprawl. In short, society is built around the 5 o’clock drive, and by eliminating the drive we’re able to easily restructure the way that cities and communities are planned to make life easier, happier, and more productive for everyone.

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