A Brief History of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves

September 23, 2012| HFGW|1 Minutes|By AAG

Dr. Robert Baker, Jr provides a descriptive history of High Frequency Gravitational Waves beginning with his first conversations with Dr. Robert Forward on the topic many years ago. This led him on a quest to demonstrate the existence of these waves and led him towards designing equipment to both generate and detect them.

“After reviewing the early work of Einstein, Weber, et al. the first mention of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves or HFGWs that I could determine was in a meeting in 1961 that I had with Dr. Robert L. Forward at my Lockheed Astrodynamics Research Center in Bel Air, California. I had invited him over from the Hughes Research Laboratory in Malibu, California to deliver a lecture on the “Weber Bar” that he and Dr. Joseph Weber were constructing at the Hughes Lab to detect Low-Frequency Gravitational Waves. After the lecture Bob and I talked about building a Laboratory generator and detector for High Frequency Gravitational Waves.” — Dr. Robert Baker, Jr.

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