American Antigravity was founded in 2002 by Tim Ventura to explore antigravity, warp-drives, and emerging science in Breakthrough Propulsion Physics. Over time it has grown into massive collection of research, interviews, and scientific knowledge relating to emerging space & energy science, and it serves as a community center for bleeding-edge research not covered by traditional media.

We serve the community by helping to connect scientists, innovators, and enthusiasts through a forum for them share their passion for emerging science, and we’re proud to contribute to the continued innovation in mankind’s quest for the stars. As we continue help innovators tell their story, we strive to engage public interest in supporting this valuable research that benefits us all.

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Phil Ventura, thank you for the inspiration, the endless library of science fiction books, physics texts, and personal computers when I was a kid. Thanks for supporting my dreams & believing in me, and for generally being a great dad (and now granddad)!

Danielle Steuermann (1973 – 2018), thank you for your kindness & support, and for believing in my dream even on the days when I didn’t believe in it myself. I miss you, and its worth recognizing that this site and the material it contains is your legacy too.