Al Bielek on Time Travel (Part 1)

September 22, 2012| Time Travel|1 Minutes|By AAG

Legendary researcher Al Bielek rejoins us to talk about his time travel experiences in ‘the future’ via his participation in the Philadelphia Experiment, and later in the fabled Montaulk Project! Find out the details on the shape of our future, man’s journey into space, and much, much more!

Bielek is one of the great storytellers of alternative-science — his claim is that he was a participant in the Philadelphia Experiment under the name of Duncan Cameron. He further claims that the experiment was linked to the Montaulk Project in the 1980’s, which he says he participated in later on.

While Bielek’s claims are difficult to validate, he has an excellent grasp on the historical subject material relating to the Philadelphia Experiment. The “Al Bielek in the Future’ interviews are meant to follow-up on his comments to Art Bell about having visited the future as a part of the Montaulk experiment, something that he never described in detail on-air.

What makes Bielek’s story additionally interesting are his connections to several other individuals who corroborate his telling of the Montaulk story, as well as Bielek’s participation in the “US Psychotronics Organzation”, putting him in the same vicinity as Bearden and many other classic 1980’s era conspiracy-buffs.