Alex Frolov on Inertial Propulsion

September 24, 2012| Inertial Propulsion|2 Minutes|By AAG

Alex Frolov is the director of Faraday Labs and the editor of New Energy Technologies Magazine, a breakthrough-science publication published in St. Petersburg, Russia. His role gives him a unique perspective on Antigravity research in the Russian Federation and beyond, and he offers his insights into zero-point energy and inertial propulsion as both a journalist and innovator.

“I think that the name Gennady Shipov is well known. He is a theorist and his work with Akimov also is known. In their books the notion torsion is explained as a 4-dimensional rotation. Please read their work. So, it is not a mechanical torsion! But from the other hand, the rotation of any mass will involve some part of aether in rotation and we can see some local aether-pressure gradient in an axial direction – it is quite clear and it is related to AG effects.

“We’ve published several articles about this type of propulsion. Dr. Spartak Poliakov developed a device which rotated 10 kg of mercury. I visited him in 1998 to make a video and publication. The axial propulsion force was detected only during some time after the start. Dr. Polikov tried to get support from officials. Dr. Menshikov developed Poliakov’s idea but in his work the effect also is detected for only 30 min after the start.

I modernized this idea and designed a small device. Sure, it can be demonstrated…and in my version, the axial force is permanent. It works with 50 grams of water rotated by 12VDC motor. My Russian patent claim was filed in 2002, discussed and rejected in 2004. Who is interested to develop this technology seriously? I’ve tried to develop local contacts but it seems that they are not interested. Perhaps we can build a serious international team to pursue this research further…” — Alex Frolov

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