Alexey Chekurkov’s Antigravity Device

August 27, 2020| Antigravity|1 Minutes|By AAG

In this video, we see a demonstration of the Graviflyer anti-gravity device by inventor Alexey Chekurkov. He conducted this experiment in early 2020, and we have republished a color-enhanced version that highlights the device in operation.

Chekurkov claims to achieve his anti-gravity effect by utilizing motors to spin two counter-rotating disks, which are charged with a high-voltage apparatus and have circular rows of magnets attached.

In this demonstration, Chekurkov can be clearly seen circling the device and passing his hands & arms over and around the device to demonstrate that there are no wires holding it up in the air.

Chekurkov’s claims are controversial, but to date none of his videos have been proven false – which may indicate a true Antigravity effect from the Graviflyer device.

You can learn more about Alexey Chekurkov’s Graviflyer on his YouTube channel, and schematics for his antigravity device are also published on the RexResearch website.