Andrew Palfreyman on Mach’s Principle

September 22, 2012| Inertial Propulsion|2 Minutes|By AAG

Engineer & innovator Andrew Palfreyman joins us to talk about his latest project: an experimental collaboration with Woodward & March to develop the Mach-Lorentz Thruster, a new type of inertial propulsion drive utilizing piezo crystal transducers to produce reactionless thrust. He desribes his role in helping this technology evolve from milligrams to kilograms of thrust…

In this unique & remarkable interview, Palfreyman discusses his collaboration with March & Woodward, gives us insight into the journal-ratified test results for a true reactionless propulsion, and talks about his next-generation MLT thruster: which he believes may produce up to 60 kilograms of pure, reactionless thrust!

“The old way of doing this was to push/pull using mechanical action….The new way is expressed as the MLT (“Mach-Lorentz Thruster”). In this implementation, the mechanical action of the piezo is substituted for the electromagnetic action of a magnetic field on a moving charge – the familiar Lorentz force, which we learn in school under the various names of Farady induction, Lenz’s law, the Motor Rule and so on. Here, you can see that now the push/pull mechanism propagates throughout the device at the same speed as do changes to the device energy (capacitor voltage), and so we can expect to accurately specify, and stably maintain, the desired phase relationship between action and energy. Results obtained to date appear to bear this out; this is another experimental step forward. More improvements are of course to be expected, and only imagination is the limiting factor. There are many ways to build this thing, and most of them haven’t been thought of yet.” – Andrew Palfreyman

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