Andy McQuery on Scalar Waves

September 24, 2012| Scalar Waves|1 Minutes|By AAG

Inventor Andy McQuerry joins us to talk about his experience collaborating with Mike Windell and Warren York on a number of innovative experiments, and describes a series of anomalies he’s encountered while testing unique coil designs, including bifilar & caduceus-windings driven in a low-frequency, high-amperage audio range environment to produce scalar wave output.

McQuerry’s research has been deeply influenced by the theories and experimental work of legendary scalar wave theorists Tom Bearden and Nikola Tesla. He’s extended their work in a new direction by combining it with the time-displacement research of Warren York, leading to a series of caduceus and bifilar coil experiments that have produced exotic anomalies comparable to the materials effects documented by John Hutchison.

McQuerry believes that by changing the phase-angle of scalar waves through the physical construction of the coil, it is possible to set the resonant frequency to interact with time and gravity directly.