APEC 11/13: Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference

November 15, 2020| Antigravity|1 Minutes|By AAG

Learn about gravity-modification via nuclear magnetic resonance techniques with Mark Sokol and explore a new concept in inertial propulsion with Robert O’Keefe of Tachyon Aerospace.

APEC is the Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference, sponsored jointly by Falcon Space & American Antigravity. This 9-video series covers the November 13th, 2020 conference session, which is focused on experimental research and engineering level technology development for antigravity, gravity-modification & breakthrough propulsion physics.

Concepts being explored include the Alzofon gravity control, superconductors & gravitomagnetism, the Biefeld-Brown Effect, Mach’s Principle & inertial propulsion, and more. Mark Sokol directs the focus of this event, answers questions about his team’s research, and offers suggestions to connect this research to other channels of antigravity research in the community.

This event was organized by Falcon Space, which includes Mark Sokol, Jeremy Rys, Wayne Ojala, Jerimiah Popp, Nam Tran & Todd Desiato. Event moderation by Tim Ventura from American Antigravity.

Conference Presenters:
• Mark Sokol: NMR Gravity-Modification
• Robert O’Keefe: Inertial Propulsion

Additional Contributors:
• Paul Murad (Morningstar Applied Physics)
• Bill Alek (Intalek)
• Ron Kita (Chiralex Research)
• Tania Slawecki (Institutes of Energy and the Environment)
• Franklin Hu (Theory of Everything)

Links & Resources:
• Robert O’Keefe (Tachyon Aerospace)
• Falcon Space (Facebook | YouTube)
Alien Scientist Website