APEC 11/21: UFO Reverse-Engineering & Inertial Propulsion

November 23, 2020| Antigravity|3 Minutes|By AAG

Explore UFO Reverse-Engineering with Mark McCandlish, how to build a flying saucer using NMR gravity-modification with David Alzofon, and see an inertial propulsion demonstration by Mike Gamble & Tom Valone.

APEC is the Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference, sponsored jointly by Falcon Space & American Antigravity. This 9-video series covers the November 21st, 2020 conference session, which is focused on experimental research and engineering level technology development for antigravity, gravity-modification & breakthrough propulsion physics.

Conference Presenters:
• Mark McCandlish: Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV)
• David Alzofon: Alzofon NMR Gravity Control (How To Build A Flying Saucer)
• Mike Gamble & Tom Valone: Gyroscopic Inertial Propulsion

Mark McCandlish delivers a detailed technical description of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV), also called the Fluxliner, and also offers comparisons to eyewitness testimony of craft described by alien abductees. This technical discussion includes details of the components & materials used and how those components function together to produce an antigravity propulsion effect in the Alien Reproduction Vehicle design.

David Alzofon describes how to build a flying saucer based on the theoretical & engineering work of his father, Frederick Alzofon, combined with analysis of UFO field emissions.The Alzofon method for gravity control is documented in “Gravity Control with Present Technology”, written by David & Frederick, and utilizes a method of applying microwaves to align particle spins and create propulsion from a gyroscopic precession effect on the atomic level.

Mike Gamble & Tom Valone present working gyroscopic inertial propulsion drives with a series of demonstration videos and graphs of the devices. Mike is an inventor & former Boeing Engineer who claims that gyroscopic inertial propulsion is already used in some satellites for station-keeping. He has carefully documented the force generated by his own gryoscopic inertial propulsion devices, and in his videos they are shown moving in a linear direction in a pulsed manner.

Tom Valone is a legendary figure in alternative propulsion & energy community, and has worked as an organizer & aggregator through the Integrity Research Institute and the Conference on Future Energy (COFE).

This event was organized by Falcon Space, which includes Mark Sokol, Jeremy Rys, Wayne Ojala, Jerimiah Popp, Nam Tran & Todd Desiato. The event was moderated by Tim Ventura from American Antigravity.

Additional Contributors:
• Paul Murad (Morningstar Applied Physics)
• Bill Alek (Intalek)
• Ron Kita (Chiralex Research)
• Tania Slawecki (Institutes of Energy and the Environment)

Links & Resources:
• Mark McCandlish: http://markmccandlish.com/
• David & Frederick Alzofon: Gravity Control with Present Technology
• David Alzofon: How To Build A Flying Saucer & Save The Planet
• COFE Conference (Valone & Gamble): https://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/cofe.html
• Falcon Space (Facebook | YouTube)
Alien Scientist Website