APEC 12/5: Searl Effect Engineering & Field Effect Propulsion

December 7, 2020| Antigravity|4 Minutes|By AAG

Learn about Searl Effect Engineering with Paul Murad, Poynting Vector propulsion with John Brandenburg, and field-effect propulsion via the Maxwell-Heaviside equations by Richard Banduric & Eric Hermanson.

APEC is the Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference, sponsored jointly by Falcon Space & American Antigravity. This 7-video series covers the Dec 5th, 2020 conference session, which is focused on experimental research and engineering level technology development for antigravity, gravity-modification & breakthrough propulsion physics.

Conference Presenters:
• Paul Murad: Morningstar Energy Box & Searl Effect
• John Brandenburg: Morningstar Energy Box & GEM Theory
• Richard Banduric: Field Effect Propulsion
• Eric Hermanson: Field Effect Propulsion
• Mark Sokol: Experimental Lab Update

Paul Murad delivers a detailed engineering & test review of the “Morningstar Energy Box”, a propulsion experiment inspired by the Searl Effect Generator and the Roschin & Godin device. Murad’s presentation begins with a discussion of past experimental claims by John Searl, followed by photos, schematics & test results from 3 replication attempts using an “Improved Homopolar Generator” performed by V. V. Roschin and S. M. Godin.

The “Morningstar Energy Box” was designed & constructed by Paul Murad, John Brandenburg, and Morgan Boardman in 2011 with the goal of capturing detailed scientific & engineering test data on the Searl Effect Generator design. In his 97-slide presentation, Murad describes the engineering & test challenges involved with the experimental replication, and describes achieving a transient reduction in device mass exceeding 20% that was measured during testing.

Dr. John Brandenburg delivers a brief presentation discussing the GEM (Gravity-Electromagnetism) Unification Theory and provides insights into the role of Poynting Vector energy flow in induction motors, and how it may explain the results observed in the “Morningstar Energy Box” and Searl Effect Generator. He also describes how a unidirectional thrust and modification of gravity may be the result of a Poynting Vortex that can be created mechanically or electrically, and suggests that this may be usable in modifying local gravity.

Richard Banduric presents a detailed model for field-effect propulsion that forms the basis of experimental work he is performing for DARPA in the area of Relativistic Electrodynamics and Exotic Propulsion. Banduric also showcases experimental test apparatus devised as a method for testing this physical model.

Banduric is developing the next generation of propellant-less propulsion devices based on the interaction of the electric fields from charged isolated elements in relative motion. Electric field intensities change when they are viewed from different inertial frames of references due to the effect of Lorentz contraction of the electric charges.

In this presentation, Banduric discusses the reformulation of James Maxwell’s original complex-quaternion to create a propellant-less propulsion concept. Today’s electromagnetic vector equations are based on the Gibbs-Heaviside reformulation of James Maxwell’s original complex-quaternion equations. The reformulation of James Maxwell’s original equations was done by Joshua Gibbs and Oliver Heaviside to remove the “extra terms” from James Maxwell’s original complex-quaternion formulation.

Eric Hermanson leads an open discussion on a variety of EM propulsion and antigravity concepts, including Alzofon’s NMR propulsion concept, superconductive antigravity, Banduric’s model for field-effect propulsion, and the feasibility of gyroscopic inertial propulsion.

Mark Sokol provides a walk through of his homebuild antigravity reseearch lab and provides descriptions for much of the specialized electrical test equipment he’s gathered for testing.

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