Arie DeGeus on Fusion & Zero-Point Energy

September 24, 2012| Zero-Point Energy|2 Minutes|By AAG

We’re joined by Arie DeGues, an independent inventor, scientist, and theoretician who’s not only rewritten the book on nuclear & particle physics, but has also used his theory’s predictive powers to build a startling array of breakthrough energy technologies, including an IEC fusion generator & ZPE electrical generator…
This is a very special interview over three-years in the making. Arie was originally recommended by us by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, who had repeatedly attempted to publish DeGeus research in “Infinite Energy Magazine” before DeGeus was ready to come forward.

One of DeGeus most remarkable inventions is a device called the “plasmavolt” – an IEC fusion generator that supposedly uses a rotating plasma-vortex to create fusion between light-metal nuclei (Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron). The cathode containing these metals is the device’s fuel, and experimental tester Michael McDonnough claimed that not only did it produce 80-watts of output energy for only 50-watts input, but that after running it on an oscilloscope for several months straight, the reaction byproduct that it generated was 6-grams of pure Potassium 40-19.

We also discuss some of DeGeus other remarkable innovations, including several processes that he claims extract zero-point energy to produce useable electrical energy, and a form of cold-current that reverses the thermal-gradient of an electrical current to actually remove heat from a circuit, causing it to run cold.

Because of the proprietary patent & intellectual property issues surrounding DeGeus research, his work is known only to a few – but among those who know him he’s considered to the leader in contemporary new-energy & alt-science research.