Arthur Schatz on Metal Storm

September 22, 2012| Engines|1 Minutes|By AAG

At a million rounds a minute, Metal Storm is all about delivering firepower. Whether you’re firing bullets from a rifle or grenades from a UGV, this unique new 21st-century weapons technology has you covered. Art Schatz takes us on a tour of the gun of tomorrow…

“Our founder, Mike O’ Dwyer, was only a few months old when his father died as part of an invasion force into Borneo a few days before the end of World War II. He thought that if his father had a more effective weapon he might have been able to survive and it was this aspect that drove him to consider various opportunities for the improvement of conventional weaponry. He began to conceptualize an idea and eventually took it to local gun shop to build the first prototypes which proved to be the formal genesis of Metal Storm.”

“The more we develop the technology, the more sophisticated and educated we become with the electronic ignition, materials research, battery capacity and the use of newer and smaller electronic components, the better we are able to package weapons into existing and future systems. We feel that we are a natural fit to the electronic battlefield. Our systems lend themselves well to networked command, control and communications systems. By using these capabilities the battlefield of the future becomes even more inviting to our technology and capabilities.” – Arthur Schatz

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