David Sereda on Zero-Point Energy

David Sereda discusses his research into solid-state physics and how to build a Zero-Point Energy generator based on what he's learned.

Sereda cites Paul Dirac's work on semiconductor holes which indicated these to be the source of free electrons in crystalline semiconductor materials. According to Sereda, these holes can be manipulated and artificially enlarged, which would allow semiconductor crystals to produce an unending stream of electrons from the "Dirac Sea" of Zero Point Energy.

Sereda also describes John Hutchison's crystal power cells, and cites conversations with Hutchison which have led him to believe that the crystal power cells are converting ambient electrical field energy into current rather than tapping directly into the Zero Point Energy field.

Sereda's views on Zero Point Energy originate from his work in resonant harmonic electronic fields and the electromagnetic properties of solid-state crystals.

Crystal Energy Pendants by David Sereda

David Sereda demonstrates crystal energy pendants derived from his research into solid-state physics, sacred geometries, and resonant & ambient fields. His firm, Light Stream Technologies, has taken this research into crystal energy and combined it with solid-state physics to produce these unique pendants. David Sereda describes the manufacturing process involved with creating the pendants, which involves inscribing sacred geometry into the surface of a aluminum disk to create a harmonic waveguide for some, and others use windings around semiprecious stones to focus crystal energy.

John Wsol's Unified Field Theory

John Wsol describes a mathematically derived model of physics that unifies the 4 fundamental forces in an "onion model" of physics, in which waves propagating through the fabric of the expanding universe reach the perimeter and create standing waves that Wsol believes are the basis of gravity. His model explains how to manipulate these standing wave frequencies and describes how he arrived at this vision for a Unified Field Theory in physics, which allows for antigravity effects and breakthrough propulsion physics.

Moray King on Water Fuel Zero-Point Energy

Moray King proposes zero-point energy as an explanation for anomalous events in Joe-Cell water fuel electrolyzers and potentially LENR "Bubble Fusion" cells. According to King, collapsing bubbles on the nanometer scale create pressures in excess of 300,000 PSI, and the tip of the re-entry jet of water in the collapsing bubble becomes an ionic solid with a bow-shockwave that may create a ZPE event. He references earlier work in "Water Fuel Zero Point Energy", published on PESWiki.

John Milewski on Ormus

Dr. John Milewski provides a detailed description of Ormus, which he claims to be a collapsed atomic state in 13 precious metal elements including gold. Atoms that collapse into the ormus state lose their electrons and are reduced down to a "pea-sized" equivalent of their former selves.

In Milewski's model, Ormus elements behave like gases, and are found throughout nature and as components in other materials normally believed to be "chemically pure". Thus, heating of certain elements may release Ormus, which he claims can be reconstituted back into it's original atomic state.

David Tam on the Native American Flute

David Tam demonstrates the haunting melodies of the Native American Flute after-hours in the outdoor pavilion at the Marriot Pyramid North in Albuquerque. Tam's proficiency with the flute came naturally after practicing with the device for less than an hour, according to the musician, spiritualist, healer, and natural philosopher.

According to Tam, he came across the flute after an evening of deep meditation some time ago: he was at a spiritual center, and when he left to walk home was in a heightened state of awareness from his meditation. Rounding a corner on his walk home, he walked by a street-vendor.

John Wsol on the MEG

John Wsol provides an overview of a MEG device that he's constructed, as well as an explanation based on how it fits within a new Unified Field Theory model of physics that he is developing. The MEG was first popularized by Tom Bearden and later by Jean-Louis Naudin, and utilizes a switched "magnetic circuit" that is actuated by coils wrapped around it.

Konstantin Meyl on Scalar Technology

Dr. Konstantin Meyl discusses scalar wave technologies with Tim Renfro at TeslaTech 2012. Renfro cites the work of Tom Bearden with questions about how Meyl's theories may be related.

Aeron Goldheart on Tesla Energy Lights

Aeron Goldheart demonstrates Tesla Energy Lights, a "personal energy management system" designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one's subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.

Mitch Feinstein's Crystal Energy Healing Device

Mitch Feinstein demonstrates a crystal energy resonator designed by IBM researcher Marcel Vogel to clear chakras and restore spiritual energy. He indicates that Vogel was unable to build the crystal energy healing device during his lifetime, but the design the inventor left behind was an inspiration for him to build the device.

Feinstein indicates that this crystal healing device is intended only for spiritual healing and the restoring of chakras. Crystal healing has been used in this manner in many different cultures throughout history, including the Hopi Native Americans and Hawaiian islanders, some of whom still use them to this day.