John Hutchison on the Hutchison Effect

Spontaneously melting metals. Objects flying around haphazardly. Strange glows manifesting in the air, and suddenly disappearing. The Hutchison Effect is one of the strangest and most well-documented physics anomalies ever discovered. It's been filmed dozens of times, at first on reels of Super-8 film in the early 80's, and later by television crews from around the world. Numerous theories abound as to why it may happen, but the best person to ask about the effect is the person who discovered it, John Hutchison.

In this exclusive interview he gives us rare insights into some of the more remarkable aspects of the Hutchison Effect, as well as details on his experimental apparatus and the kind of tinkering it makes to make this ethereal physics anomaly appear. The Hutchison Effect is nearly random, and despite a number of replication efforts, nobody's made it manifest like Hutchison himself.

It's been called "The Poltergeist Machine", but whatever the true cause, only Hutchison himself has the knowledge on this mysterious effect to talk meaningfully about how and possibly why it happens. We join this legendary Canadian inventor to discuss his pioneering work in Antigravity, anomalous & alt-science research, and possible connections between the H-Effect phenomenon and the Philadelphia Experiment.

Introducing American Antigravity

American Antigravity was founded in 2002 by Tim Ventura as a way to share experiments with “Lifters”. These small, experimental devices generated Biefeld-Brown and Ion-Wind effects, and experimenters all over the globe were building them as a proof of concept. While the original project is still online at Jean-Louis Naudin’s website, limits to the efficiency of these devices led to a change in public interest, and by 2004 American Antigravity had changed from a research site into a clearinghouse for advanced propulsion physics research.

As the influence of American Antigravity’s efforts expanded, the website gradually shifted to become a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting breakthrough propulsion physics research along with other scientific innovations. The organization also covered innovative concepts completely unrelated to propulsion & energy as a reflection of the diversity of creative thinking in the alternative-science community at large.

In 2007, faced with declining donations and a downturn in scientific funding, the organization was faced with both a shortage of resources as well as the material to cover. American Antigravity closed in July 2007, only 5 years after having started. While this was the end of the non-profit, however, it was not the end of innovation, and thus it has been recreated by Tim Ventura to meet its original goal of helping the community stay informed about scientific, technical, and now metaphysical innovations across a variety of disciplines.