Bill Mehess’ Antigravity Experiments

September 24, 2012| Antigravity|2 Minutes|By AAG

Experimentalist Bill Mehess shook up the newsgroups with the announcement of a magnetic-levitation experiment producing several hundred grams of weight-loss using a unique magnetic device. After a bumpy start, he’s back with a new device that seems to defy conventional explanation, as well as gravity…

“The core of the device creates an effect that when a permanent magnet is placed horizontal to a electromagnet at its center point depending on the polarity of either magnet one will exhibit a weight loss and the other an equal weight gain. Now let me make this clear this is not simply one magnet attracting another. If you have the electromagnet on a scale standing vertical and the permanent magnet is horizontal at the mid-point of the electromagnet that is where you will notice the greatest change in weight. If the permanent magnet is moved either up or down the weight difference decreases. The greatest change is at the mid point where the two field interact a 90 degree angle.

I use a electromagnet because I can control the effect by being able to turn the device off and on. As far as feed back goes there has been a misconception by a few people that the effect is simply an attraction between opposite poles-not so. One of my early experiments was to construct a wooden frame that looks like a donut. I place permanent magnets around the inside in a circular pattern. I then positioned this over the midpoint of a electromagnet. When I turned on the electromagnet the permanent magnet array will levitate around the center of the electromagnet. If this was a matter of attraction between poles then the array would be simply pulled to a pole. This does not happen. Remember the fields are at a ninety degree angle to each other NOT facing each other.

Any one can put this together very easily to see this effect. By changing polarity in either the electromagnet or permanent magnets you will see the weight changes. Feel free to contact me if this is not clear.” — Bill Mehess

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