Experimentalist Bill Mehess shook up the newsgroups in October with the announcement of a magnetic-levitation experiment producing several hundred grams of weight-loss using a unique magnetic device. After a bumpy start, he’s back with a new device that seems to defy conventional explanation, as well as gravity…

Mehess’¬†initial claims to be seeing a net thrust were met with skepticism, as the critics believed that weight wasn’t being lost overall — merely transferred from the device on the balance-beam to an offboard magnet placed on the ground. However, Mehess persisted, and it appears to have paid off — his version 2 device works by utilizing a full-onboard weight-reduction system that defies conventional physics.

What makes this device especially interesting is the DC-operation based on conventional parts & components, which stands in contrast to the RF-AC operation of most antigravity device claims. If nothing else, Bill’s research shows how force-of-will can work to overcome initial criticism in creating a device worthy of further experimentation.

Speaking of which, it’s interesting to note that Bill is planning to engage in replications of this device within the open-source community: this open, honest approach to research will prove to be the ultimate test of his design, and it’s expected that with a bit of assistance from the experimental community, we should be seeing some very interesting results in the near future!