Colonel John Alexander on Non-Lethal Weapons

September 22, 2012| Hutchison Effect|1 Minutes|By AAG

Retired Colonel John Alexander joins us to talk about non-lethal weapons, UFO’s, the Hutchison-Effect, and the future of Nanotechnology. Alexander was a career CIA technology expert, the author of numerous books on the future of technology in warfare, and played a critical role in the NIDS study on UFO’s.

John Alexander was the funding authority for the team in charge of examining the Hutchison Effect in the 1980’s, as financed through the CIA (with scientific oversight by Dr. Hal Puthoff). Alexander also participated in the privately financed NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science) investigation of UFO’s during the mid 1990’s, and has written a collection of books on the future of warfare, including ‘FutureWar’, a prescient look at how global-terrorism would affect world politics in the 21st century.