Dan Glover on the Inteligentry Papp Engine

September 24, 2012| Noble Gas Engines|1 Minutes|By AAG

Dan Glover of Inteligentry provides an overview of the company’s work in Papp engine research. Led by founder John Rohner, the firm claims to have not only recreated the Papp Engine, but also improved upon the original process by removing dangerous & unsafe elements in addition to making a number of modifications of their own.

Inteligentry’s Plasmic Transition Process technology couples a refined noble-gas piston arrangement with a sophisticated onboard electronics suite that delivers precision timing to the Papp Engine to produce nearly 300 horsepower output.

Inteligentry plans to license Plasmic Transition Process technology in a novel manner by making the noble-gas cylinder technology open-source while retaining their intellectual property in electronics-suite enhancements for their dealer network. Dan Glover claims this recognizes the fact that Papp’s original work is already open-source as the patents on it have long expired.