David Sereda on Zero-Point Energy

September 24, 2012| Zero-Point Energy|1 Minutes|By AAG

David Sereda discusses his research into solid-state physics and how to build a Zero-Point Energy generator based on what he’s learned.

Sereda cites Paul Dirac’s work on semiconductor holes which indicated these to be the source of free electrons in crystalline semiconductor materials. According to Sereda, these holes can be manipulated and artificially enlarged, which would allow semiconductor crystals to produce an unending stream of electrons from the “Dirac Sea” of Zero Point Energy.

Sereda also describes John Hutchison’s crystal power cells, and cites conversations with Hutchison which have led him to believe that the crystal power cells are converting ambient electrical field energy into current rather than tapping directly into the Zero Point Energy field.

Sereda’s views on Zero Point Energy originate from his work in resonant harmonic electronic fields and the electromagnetic properties of solid-state crystals.