Einstein’s Antigravity Legacy

September 24, 2012| Nazi Bell, Philadelphia Experiment, Space|1 Minutes|By AAG

Einstein revolutionized science and utterly changed our concept of gravity.

His work in special and general relativity, gravitation and some areas of quantum physics is praised by the mainstream physics community. But a vast amount of his research is discounted. In fact so obscure has his unified field theory become that very few physicists have even the slightest idea what the underlying notions were about. All that we hear is that Einstein wasted decades looking for a unified theory but modern physicists are getting closer with different approaches such as string theory. Give the current state of string theory I have my doubts about how close they are to the ultimate “theory of everything”.

In other words, Einstein’s initial work in relativity is in electrodynamics of moving objects. Relativity springs from the simple laws of electricity and magnetism. Relativity is rooted in the duality and reciprocity aspects of the electromagnetic interaction. The modern physics community insists on making a fundamental error in their attempts to unify the fundamental forces. Some day a scientist is going to get a Nobel prize for what I am about to write here.

With this in mind consider some of the contributions that Einstein made towards anti-gravity…

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