EmDrive Reactionless Drive – 2021 Update

January 18, 2021| Inertial Propulsion, Space|2 Minutes|By AAG

In this overview video, Roger Shawyer describes the fundamentals of operation for the EmDrive, and appears to indicate that it has already been tested in space by Russia, China and the US.

The EmDrive is radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster is a device concept that is claimed to be a spacecraft thruster, and purported to generate thrust by reflecting microwaves internally in the device, in apparent violation of the law of conservation of momentum and other laws of physics.

According to Wired Magazine:

“Over the past few years, however, a handful of research teams, including one from NASA, claim to have successfully produced thrust with an EmDrive. If true, it would amount to one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of space exploration.

In late 2016, Tajmar and 25 other physicists gathered in Estes Park, Colorado, for the first conference dedicated to the EmDrive and related exotic propulsion systems. One of the most exciting presentations was given by Paul March, a physicist at NASA’s Eagleworks lab, where he and his colleague Harold White had been testing various EmDrive prototypes. According to March’s presentation and a subsequent paper published in the Journal of Propulsion and Power, he and White observed several dozen micro-newtons of thrust in their EmDrive prototype.

Over the course of 55 experiments, Tajmar and his colleagues registered an average of 3.4 micro-newtons of force from the EmDrive, which was very similar to what the NASA team found.”

Learn more online at emdrive.com