Fred Robinson’s Hydrogen Hummer 2

Fred Robinson of the Electrifying Times discusses the Hummer 2 he converted to run on 5 different types of alternative fuels, including Hydrogen as well as an innovative mix called "hyphane" that produces more power than gasoline with nearly undetectable levels of pollution.

Larry Oja’s Brown’s Gas Electrolyzer

Larry Oja describes a Brown's Gas electrolyzer kit he's developed to allow experimenters to create Brown's Gas for welding or power applications.

Larry Oja on Brown’s Gas

Larry Oja provides a description of Brown's Gas - a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen produced by electrolyzing water in accordance with traditional electrolysis theory. In this interview, Oja describes his interest & study of Brown's Gas.

Jason Kirton’s GEET Engine Demo

Jason Kirton demonstrates the GEET Engine at TeslaTech 2005 and provides a detailed description of the technology that makes the GEET Engine fundamentally different from conventional internal combustion engines.

Tom Valone on Magnet Motors

Dr. Tom Valone describes how energy gradients allow all human devices to perform work, and suggests that the magnetic energy gradient may be the only remaining one to be harnessed. He suggests that advances in magnet-motor design may be the way to achieve this.

Mark Goldes on Ultraconductors

It's been predicted that the development of the Room-Temperature Superconductor, or Ultraconductors, will initiate a second industrial revolution. We've asked Mark Goldes, the CEO & Chairman of Room-Temperature Superconductors Inc., to share with us a vision of how, why, and when this vision…

Bill Alek’s Free Energy SmartPak Device

Bill Alek describes a free energy battery-switching system he's constructed that he claims to operate by continuously charging a battery with free-energy and switching to an alternative battery once the charge has been depleted. In Alek's description, this allows one of the two batteries used to…

Bill Alek’s Free Energy Carbon-Arc Device

Bill Alek demonstrates a carbon-arc system driven by a Wimshurst generator that he claims to have measured with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) greater than 1, making it a free energy device.

Bob Iannini on High Voltage Electronics

Information Unlimited has been the premiere manufacturer of high-voltage electronics equipment for over 30 years. Bob Iannini joins us to talk about his background working with high-voltage/high-current electronics, as well as railguns, mass-drivers, beam-weapons, ion-wind, and Antigravity…

Michael McDonnough on Portable Nuclear Energy

The CEO of Betavoltaic, Inc describes a revolutionary new form of nuclear-energy derived from stimulated beta-decay breakdown. We also discuss the Plasmavolt, a promising new inertial-confinement fusion generator with operating characteristics similar to cold-fusion & direct electrical output.…