Kiril Chukanov’s Zero-Point Energy Generator

After a stunning presentation at the TeslaTech 2005 expo, we caught up with Dr. Kiril Chukanov to learn a bit more about his breakthrough research in Quantum Energy Technology, based on a new model for Quantum Mechanics and a practical approach for extracting ZPE-energy from up…

Paul Pantone on GEET Engine Acceptance

Paul Pantone describes resistance by mainstream science & engineering to the GEET engine technology, and cites obstacles that he's had to overcome in gaining acceptance for this technology. Filmed in 2005.

Paul Pantone on the GEET Engine

Paul Pantone describes GEET Engine technology. Filmed in 2005.

Bill Alek on the SmartMEG

Bill Alek describes the SmartMEG, a replication of Bearden's MEG technology that he hopes will improve upon the original MEG design with an advanced microelectronic control system.

Mark Goldes on Room Temperature Superconductors

Mark Goldes is the founder and CEO of Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc., which has invested several million dollars in developing a process to produce a polymer-based superconductive material which possesses very high electrical conductivity and current carrying capacity without experiencing…

Robert Bussard on Fusion Power

Dr. Robert Bussard shares his vision for clean, affordable fusion power. The late Dr. Bussard was a founding member of America's fusion power establishment, spent over 20 years developing the Polywell fusor, which he claimed to generate over 100,000 times the fusion power of Farnsworth's original…

Bill Alek’s OverUnity ZPOD Device

Inventor Bill Alek explains the ZPOD, an experimental overunity generator that he claims to produce a COP (coefficient of performance) greater than 1. This makes it an attempt at creating a free-energy generation system that operates by switching the inputs and outputs in a manner similar to the…

Sharon Weinberger on the Hafnium Bomb

It's called a "hafnium bomb", and it uses a new type of stimulated nuclear isomer technology so deadly that the Pentagon doesn't want you to even know that it exists - and according to Sharon Weinberger, it doesn't. We join the intrepid editor of Aviation Week's Defense Technology International as…

Stanislav Adamenko on Nucleosynthesis

Dr. Stanislav Adamenko is the director of Proton 21, a Ukrainian nuclear research lab experimenting with nucleosynthesis, the process of building atoms from the ground up. They've devised a new process for nucleosynthesis that's initiated by accelerated electrons to create a shockwave in teardrop…

Thorsten Ludwig on Zero-Point Energy

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig discusses the practical & future applications of zero-point energy as well as current social resistance to the introduction of this technology.