Eric Davis on Warp Drives & FTL

September 23, 2012| Space|1 Minutes|By AAG

Dr. Eric Davis is leveraging the emerging models of String and Brane Theory for applied-physics work in Faster-Than-Light Travel, Warp Drives, Antigravity, and extracting Zero-Point Energy.

Davis begins his first presentation by tackling the subject of travel through traversable wormholes in a paper entitled “Experimental Concepts for Generating Negative Energy in the Laboratory” with co-author Hal Puthoff, which offers insight into the negative-energy density required to create wormholes large enough to allow passage for communications-signals, human beings, and spacecraft. His second presentation at the conference focused on the subject of experimentally testing a method for extracting Zero-Point Energy by using a Casimir plate-system to extract electrical energy from the ground-potential states of hydrogen atoms, entitled “Studying the Quantum Vacuum Field”.

Davis final presentation was entitled, “The Alcubierre Warp Drive in Higher Dimensional Spacetime”, in which he partnered with NASA’s Harold White to consider the concept of FTL Warp-Drives in a Brane-Theory model of physics. Conceptually, he argues that when the Alcubierre drive is operational it creates an FTL manifold around itself by shifting into higher-dimensional spacetime, offering an interesting array of future propulsion possibilities.