Eugene Podkletnov’s Gravity Beam Generator

September 22, 2012| Space|1 Minutes|By AAG

Eugene Podkletnov rejoins us to elaborate on his stunning announcement of a gravity beam capable of “punching through brick and warping metal like hitting it with a sledgehammer”. Podkletnov provides details & analysis on the breakthrough force-beam generator never before revealed to the public.

Podkletnov’s research has been closely followed by NASA, which led to an incomplete test in 2001 of a superconductive gravity-shield built by SCI Engineered Materials and tested by Ron Koczor & Tony Robertson of NASA Glenn research center. The test attained only 200 rpm of the required 5,000 rpm to achieve a measurable result.

Podkletov comments on his experiences, research, and makes a startling revelation about his latest gravity beam experiment, which he claims creates a beam of gravitational force “capable of punching through brick, and warping metal like hitting it with a sledgehammer”. This experiment was under initial examination by Boeing in 2002, but further investigation was discontinued as a result of political & managerial pressures within Phantomworks.