Frank Znidarsic on Antigravity

December 29, 2012| Antigravity|2 Minutes|By AAG

Frank Znidarsic proposes a novel method for generating antigravity and cold fusion effects through the application of radio-frequency stimulation of superconductors, as described in his new book, “Energy, Cold Fusion, and Antigravity”, which provides a detailed overview of Znidarsic’s latest research.

Frank discusses the electrical and magnetic force, and describes magnetism as being a “non-conserved force” in that a ferrite core placed within a magnetic field serves to strengthen the overall magnetic field in an additive way. Similarly, Znidarsic hopes to find an equivalent material to the “ferrite core” that would serve to stengthen a gravitomagnetic field, and thus allow the weak force of gravity to be manipulated on a scale useful for engineering applications.

Zdnidarsic is perhaps best known for his participation in the NASA test-replication of Dr. Eugene Podkletnov’s disk experiment, in which a specially constructed superconducting YBCO disk was rotated at high-speed to generate a “gravitational shielding” effect described by Podkletnov. Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues related to the construction and rotation of the fragile disk at high-speeds, NASA was unable to validate Podkletnov’s claims, but as an investigator Znidarsic continued to pursue a physical explanation to what Podkletnov claimed to have seen.

Beginning with calculations based on experimental data collected by Podkletnov, Zdnidarsic describes his development of an experimental model involving nuclear transition states that not only predicts effects similar to those outlined by Podkletnov, but also predicts the frequencies of the atomic spectrum using only classical calculations. From this, he infers the coupling of gravitation and electromagnetism to be stronger in the gravitomagnetic field during periods of atomic jumps between energy states, and suggests that this can be harnessed to intensify the antigravity effects to usable levels.

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