Dr. Gennady Shipov is one of the world’s leading physicists in Torsion-Physics research. He joins us to talk about the fundamentals of this emerging branch of scientific discovery, and provides some unique insight into how we can turn the fundamental forces of nature towards the goal of advanced propulsion.

“In physical applications scientists use two kinds of torsion – Ricci torsion and Cartan torsion. The majority of physicists investigate Cartan torsion. They came to the conclusion that Cartan torsion only brings very small contributions to understanding physical phenomena, therefore Cartan torsion is impossible to observe experimentally.”

“In my work, I use torsion of space in absolute parallelism (Ricci torsion), which in physical applications for the first time was investigated by Albert Einstein. In experiments with inertial propulsion I have shown that Ricci torsion generates fields of inertia. On the other hand fields of inertia generate Riemann curvature (a strong principle of equivalence). But fields of inertia can be operated with the help of using rotation of material bodies and, it means, to operate upon the curvature of space-time. The elementary device which allows one to operate by curvature of space and time would be a four-dimensional gyroscope. It is the device that I investigated while in Thailand.” — Dr. Gennady Shipov