Greg Meholic discusses breakthrough propulsion and the aerospace industry. Greg’s an aerospace engineer by training with specialization in propulsion, but his interest always rested with breakthrough technology concepts — taking him to early success with GE’s pulse-detonation engine technology.

Meholic performs experimental testing with The Aerospace Corporation by day, and at night works with concepts in faster-than-light travel and BPP physics. He’s also a Section-F session chair, and actively participates in the STAIF Conference on an annual basis. The Aerospace Corporation is a federally-funded research & development center that specializes in launch support & new technologies for the Department of Defense related to satellites & remote-sensing technologies. Meholic’s current role involves him with upper-stage cryogenic engine analysis for ELV, Atlas 5, and Delta 4-V rocket systems.

Meholic has developed a model that he published in a paper entitled “A Novel View of Spacetime”, in which he suggests a highly-visual model of space focused on providing context for existing mathematically established physics. This research has been moving toward a grand-unification theory based on a fluid-dynamics approach to physical interactions simliar in some ways to Pharis William’s Dynamic Theory.