Greg Meholic on Breakthrough Propulsion Physics

Greg Meholic discusses breakthrough propulsion and the aerospace industry. Greg’s an aerospace engineer by training with specialization in propulsion, but his interest always rested with breakthrough technology concepts — taking him to early success with GE’s pulse-detonation engine technology.

Meholic performs experimental testing with The Aerospace Corporation by day, and at night works with concepts in faster-than-light travel and BPP physics. He’s also a Section-F session chair, and actively participates in the STAIF Conference on an annual basis. The Aerospace Corporation is a federally-funded research & development center that specializes in launch support & new technologies for the Department of Defense related to satellites & remote-sensing technologies. Meholic’s current role involves him with upper-stage cryogenic engine analysis for ELV, Atlas 5, and Delta 4-V rocket systems.

Meholic has developed a model that he published in a paper entitled “A Novel View of Spacetime”, in which he suggests a highly-visual model of space focused on providing context for existing mathematically established physics. This research has been moving toward a grand-unification theory based on a fluid-dynamics approach to physical interactions simliar in some ways to Pharis William’s Dynamic Theory.