Harold Berndt is a determined man, and with two decades as a top-producing realtor under his belt he’s got the experience for the Disclosure Project. His interest in UFOs started after a sighting in 2004 that became his inspiration to start looking for answers, something that eventually led him to the Disclosure Project. Since then he’s gone UFO spotting with Dr. Steven Greer and helped John Hutchison do research – two of the many remarkable experiences that we discuss in this interview.

I met Harold Berndt about six years ago at a Disclosure Project event near Vancouver BC. He’s a friendly, geniuine and trustworthy man: that was my first impression of him and it remains true to this day. Those qualities, along with his persistence and determination, have led him on a search for the truth about UFOs and the paranormal that’s led him on some pretty intriguing adventures.

Berndt has spent time on Mount Shasta looking for UFOs with Steven Greer, and met with dozens of disruptive technology advocates to learn more about what makes them tick. You’ll hear his voice prominently in the interview footage I shot with John Hutchison, and after he met Hutchison they became friends as well. In 2006, when Hutchison produced the first new Hutchison Effect footage in over a decade, it was Harold Berndt holding the camera.

“The one experience that seemed to fully ‘awaken me’ was a sighting I witnessed in August of 2004. After that sighting, I became determined to find answers – and at first, I decided to look for an Earth bound answer as I had heard about specialized and secret satellite arrays and other ‘stuff’ we have up there. But after receiving a number of “this isn’t ours” responses, I began to check UFO reports to see if I might come across a similar sighting.

This research took me to some pretty far out sources with many different ideas and I soon realized I was in the middle of a kind of ‘swamp-gas’ pool of everything from the kooky, silly and downright weird views on the phenomena to some of the most compelling evidence and testimony available. I found very early on that what I was getting into was going to require a great deal of discernment and caution as it’s my opinion that this is one of the most controversial, misinformed and misunderstood topics on the planet today.

You know, its one thing to head up and lead a worthy cause – and it’s another to actually have the ability, talent and resolve to see it through. What I found with DP, CSETI and the other efforts, was a founder who not only had credentials beyond reproach, but also an almost “born” ability to convey the message.

This is paramount in any worthy cause if it’s to be successful. I found and felt with Dr. Steven Greer, a true, caring and more than able individual. Disclosure is a grass roots effort and as such, we are a non profit society with no corporate or sponsored funding and we rely heavily on volunteers and donations. I feel that I’m not only a rep for Disclosure but I’m a rep for truth and I’m very proud and honored to be a part of this effort!” – Harold Berndt